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Busan's representative food-Milmyeon

Introduction to the city

During the Korean War(1950-1953) many Korean flee to Busan and they wanted to eat Naengmyun(냉면/ Korean cold noodles). However, they could not find the buckwheat what is the ingredient of the Naengmyun. So they made the noodles with flour instead of buckwheat what people got from US army as a relief. Nowadays Milmyeon(밀면) is one of the representative Busan food.

Milmyeon is similar with normal Korean cold noodles but just the noodle ingredient is different. Milmyeon is chewier than Naengmyun(cold noodles) and have spicy sauce, half of egg, vegies in top of it. Also Milmyeon divided in two types; Mul milmyeon(물밀면) and Bibim Milmyeon(비빔밀면). Mul(물) means water that this is the one which has soup with noodles. Bibim Milmyeon is more spicy than Mul Milmyeon that if you are not good at spicy food I recommend to eat Mul Milmyeon and taking out some red pepper paste which is in top of the noodle.